Level 1 Ballet: Ages 5-8: Thursdays from 5-6pm Level 2 Ballet: Ages 9-12: Monday from 4:30-6pm Level 3 Ballet: Ages 13+: Monday from 7-8:30pm All of our Ballet classes include a classical touch of highly formalized technique with exciting varieties of class structure. Start your class at the ballet barre and work your way to fun and challenging center work. All dancers are subject to move up or down a level after a trial class, where our expert staff will be more than happy to suggest the correct level for you. Dress Code: Females - Pink Tights, Leotard of choice, Pink Ballet Shoes, Hair Pulled back into a bun Males - Black Joggers or Dance Pants, White form fitting t-shirt or tank, Black Ballet Shoes, Hair Pulled Back out of your face


Level 1 Jazz: Ages 5-8: Monday from 4:30-5:30pm Level 2 Jazz: Ages 9-12: Thursday from 7:30-8:30pm Level 3 Jazz: Ages 13+ : Wednesday from 7-8pm Join our incredible jazz classes, where your dancers will learn proper technique, strengthen their precision and lines, and be challenged with different rhythms and music. Our up beat classes move quick learning new and upcoming techniques, combos, and fusions. Dress Code: Females - Form Fitting Dance Attire, Leggings, Bike Shorts, Tank tops, and Tees, and Hair pulled back out of your face Males - Joggers or Dance Pants, A form fitting t-shirt or tank, and hair pulled back out of your face Optional Foot Wear: Pirouettes or Foot Paws (most dancers prefer bare feet)


Tumbling 1: Ages 13+ Monday 5-6pm Tumbling 2: Ages 8+ Monday 6-7pm Learn correct technique and execution of fundamental dance tricks and tumbling. Dress Code: Form fitting attire, long pants/leggings, tight tank top or a Leo, hair pulled back and out of face.