Level 2 Pre-Pointe - Must be enrolled in Level 2 Ballet: Ages 9-12 Tuesdays 7-8pm Level 3 Pre-Pointe/Pointe - Must be enrolled in Level 3 Ballet: Ages 13+ Tuesdays 8-9pm Join our pre-pointe/pointe classes where dancers will learn proper technique as they being their pointe training. Dancers will strengthen their bodies and work closely with our Ballet Instructors to determine when the dancer will be ready for the next step in their pointe journey. Dress Code: Females: Pink Tights, Leotard of Choice, Pre-pointe/pointe shoes (must be recommended by Ballet Instructors and fit for proper shoes), Hair pulled back into a bun. Males: Black Joggers, White T-shirt, Black Ballet Shoes, Hair pulled back out of face


Contemporary Level 2 Contemporary: Ages 9-12: Tuesday from 6-7pm Level 3 Contemporary: Ages 13+: Tuesday from 5-6pm Our contemporary classes offer a wide variety of contrasting movement influenced by ballet technique. Our dancers will have the opportunity to learn how to change their center of gravity, find emotion behind their movement, and explore different fusions of the style. Dress Code: Females - Leggings or Joggers, A t-shirt to cover your shoulders, socks, and hair pulled back out of your face Males - Joggers or Dance Pants, A t-shirt to cover your shoulders, socks, and hair pulled back out of your face

Hip Hop

Hip Hop Level 2 Hip Hop: Ages 9-12: Thursday from 5-6pm Level 3 Hip Hop: Ages 13+: Thursday from 7:30-8:30pm Jump into an exciting and upbeat class that offers everything from Street Style Hip Hop to Commercial Jazz Funk Fusions. Your dancer will love dancing to popular new music with a creative class structure with fresh new ideas and tricks. Dress Code: Females & Males - Movable clothing, Clean Tennis Shoes, Hair pulled back away from your face.

Technique Progressions

Level 2 Technique Progressions: Ages 9-12: Wednesday 6-7pm Level 3 Technique Progressions: Ages 13+: Wednesday 5-6pm Learn new ways to gain flexibility and technique through turns, jumps, and so much more. Dress Code: Form fitting attire, long pants/leggings, tight tank top or a Leo, hair pulled back and out of face.