Ana Van Gorden

Mariana is an accomplished dancer with 25 years of experience ranging from recreational dancing, all the way to professional performance. As an artistic and lively dancer, she has performed convention competitions as a prodigy for multiple companies including, Tremain and iHollywood in L.A. In high school, Mariana was on the Poms teams and moved on to being a college dancer performing for Colorado Mesa in Grand Junction. Allowing her to be a part of the Performing Arts program. Along with many successful experiences, her top highlights are being an instructor for UDA and a dancer for the Colorado Mammoth Wild Bunch! As a dance instructor, Mariana has created a very successful career earning her teams multiple victories and accomplishments. She has had the opportunity to experience different areas of the community throughout her journey as a dancer. Mariana strives to further her skill and use her knowledge to guide, shape, and allow her students to perform at their highest potential. As an accomplished performer and teacher, Mariana is driven to develop dancers and push them to be the very best that can be through proper posture, technique, and core strength. Most of all making dance fun and professional for all ages!

Becca Shoemaker

Becca Shoemaker was born and raised into dance and musical theatre in the Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado and picked up her first pair of dance shoes at age two. Becca danced at a number of different dance studios in the valley and participated in competitive poms, competitive dance, as well as musical theatre throughout her middle and high school careers. In the Fall of 2015, Becca began her college career at the University of Wyoming (UW). While attending UW, Becca had the opportunity to take part in Pablo Francisco Ruvalcaba’s reconstruction of excerpts of José Limón’s “The Winged” in the Spring of 2016. Excerpts from “The Winged” was selected to be performed at the National American Collegiate Dance Association Festival at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. in June of 2016. In the spring of 2017, Becca studied abroad in London, where she expanded her dance technique at Pineapple Dance Studios, The Place, and and Danceworks Studio, working with well-known artists such as David Blake, Stephen Pelton, and Troy Powell of Ailey II. Following her semester abroad, Becca had the opportunity to perform professionally at the Glenwood Vaudeville Revue alongside her incredibly talented mother. Her final three semesters at UW were filled with wonderful performance opportunities, as well as the ability to work with incredible guest artists such as Charmaine Hunter, Keith and Kelly Saunders, Darrell Grand Moultrie, and Tai Jimenez. Becca graduated from UW in December of 2018 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance. Since graduating from UW, Becca has taught a numerous dance studio in Seattle, WA as well as in the Denver Metro Area. Becca also holds certifications in Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching. She looks forward to all of the amazing opportunities Absolute Velocity has to offer and is so excited to take on the roles of Studio Manager, Competitive Co-Director, as well as teach all levels of Strength & Stretch and Level 1 Contemporary.